1st training session of Drep.Afrique from 15 to 27 November 2021

The first session of Inter-university diploma on Sickle Cell Disease of Drep.Afrique (leading to a degree from the University of Paris) will be held from 15 to 27 November 2021 in Dakar.

This first training and exchange session on medical practice is aimed at African doctors - or medical students at the end of their studies - and/or those wishing to practice in Africa.

The cost of course is 210€ (300€ paid by the NGO Drep.Afrique, excluding travel and accommodation expenses).

The course is co-directed by Professor Dapa DIALLO and Jean-Benoît ARLET.

You will find the programme and the application form

(until 15 October) below:


We look forward to counting you among our students in this first session.


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