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The Drep.Afrique association is composed of :

  • Founding members : Members who have signed the statutes and pay the membership fee ;
  • Active members : These are members who participate in the life of the association and contribute to the realisation of its actions and projects. They pay their membership fee.

Founding and active members have the right to vote.

  • Benefactor members : These are people who have made a donation to the association or made a financial or material contribution to its operations, actions and projects. They are exempt from paying membership fees.

The membership fee is set at a minimum of ten (10) euros.

Vous pouvez  adresser votre cotisation / votre don à l’association par chèque à l’adresse suivante :

Drep.Afrique – Laurent Lanyi, trésorier
243, avenue Charles de Gaulle
78955 Carrière-sous-Poissy

Les chèques sont à libeller au nom de l’association “Drep.Afrique”

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