General strategy

  • Raise awareness of the reality of sickle cell disease among the general public, public authorities, carers, educators and the general public;
  • Participate in the training of the carers and educators concerned;
  • To organise symposiums, forums and all events useful for the prevention, information and fight against sickle cell disease;
  • To contribute to the support of research on sickle cell disease;
  • To seek material and financial resources for the association's actions and projects from public and private organisations.

Why support us?

Numerous actions have been undertaken by African countries, under the impetus of the UN, the WHO and the African Union, as well as many States. For their part, the medical community, researchers, carers, associations and families affected by the disease are carrying out exemplary work at international level and in France, with few resources.
However, the observation on the lack of awareness of sickle cell disease remains unanimous.

This is why we have decided to ask for your support for "Drep.Afrique", an international humanitarian association to, together with others, "inform, prevent and act against sickle cell disease" in order to fight this disease in Africa, where it strikes deepest.

2 Projects

Concrete and ambitious

The creation in Africa of a training structure for healthcare personnel and educators on sickle cell disease, co-directed by African and French university doctors

-Promote the dissemination of hydroxyurea, a drug that significantly reduces painful attacks, hospitalisations and mortality linked to sickle cell disease, at minimal cost in Africa. -Promote the dissemination of other drugs that alleviate the suffering of patients

The meaning of this appeal to public opinion, to you, is clear and determined : to bring sickle cell disease out of oblivion and fight against this scourge.

The entire team thanks you !

Brochure of the association

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