"Together, let's make the gesture, the action, the donation to save the lives of millions of children with sickle cell disease".

Robert HUE, President and founder of Drep.Afrique, former Senator.

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"Thanks to your donations, Drep.Afrique has launched its inter-university diploma on sickle cell disease in African countries in 2021. We appeal to as many people as possible, within their means, to enable us to train a maximum number of doctors and to fight effectively against this global health scourge."

Professor Jean-Benoît ARLET, Doctor, Researcher, Coordinator of the Scientific Council of Drep.Afrique.


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FIFDA 2022 Forum will be held on June 3 from 8:30 am GMT and 10:30 am Paris time

Meeting between Her Excellency, Mrs Isabel Machik TSHOMBE, Ambassador to France of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), and Mr Robert HUE, Founding President of the NGO Drep.Afrique, former Senator, on Thursday 12 May 2022 in Paris.

Program of Drep.Afrique's 2nd training session on the treatment of SC disease
held from March 14 to 26, 2022

Meeting of FRESENIUS with the NGO DREP.AFRICA in Strasbourg

Video of the closing ceremony of the first training session

A look back at an unprecedented cooperation

Congratulations to the students of Drep.Afrique's first training session on the fight against sickle cell disease

1st training session of Drep.Afrique from 15 to 27 November 2021

Meeting with the Minister Elisabeth Moreno

Meeting between the NGOs Santé SUD and DREP.AFRIQUE

Remise de trois concentrateurs d’oxygène au Centre de recherche et de lutte contre la drépanocytose de Bamako (CLRD)

Distribution de deux concentrateurs d’oxygène au profit de centres de santé au Bénin

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