"Together, let's make the gesture, the action, the donation to save the lives of millions of children with sickle cell disease".

Robert HUE, President and founder of Drep.Afrique, former Senator.

"Thanks to your donations, Drep.Afrique has launched its inter-university diploma on sickle cell disease in African countries in 2021. We appeal to as many people as possible, within their means, to enable us to train a maximum number of doctors and to fight effectively against this global health scourge."

Professor Jean-Benoît ARLET, Doctor, Researcher, Coordinator of the Scientific Council of Drep.Afrique.

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The letter from our President, the actions carried out and the flyer concerning the collection of donations.



Screening for sickle cell disease generalised: "It is important that there is this recognition" for patients and "it is important not to miss out on patients"

Professor Jean-Benoît Arlet, a doctor at Georges Pompidou Hospital in Paris, reacts to the announcement by the Ministry of Health to extend screening for diseases at birth.

Meeting between Professor Bara Ndiaye, Dean of Cheikh Anta Diop University and Robert Hue, President of Drep.Afrique on 21 October 2022 in Dakar

Professor Bara Ndiaye, Dean of Cheikh Anta Diop University, Member of the Honorary Committee of Drep.Afrique, and Robert Hue, President of this humanitarian NGO, met in the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy. They had a long discussion about the implementation of training actions for health workers and the need for low-cost drugs against sickle cell disease in Senegal.
It was also an opportunity for Robert Hue to propose to Prof. Bara Ndiaye to be associated, as a scientific personality, within the Commitment Committee of the International Sickle Cell Fund (IDF) created by Drep.Afrique.

President Macky Sall and Mr Robert Hue at their first meeting on 24 June 2019

Towards a new stage in Drep.Afrique's partnership to fight sickle cell disease in Senegal

For nearly five years, an important cooperation project has been in place between the NGO Drep.Afrique and Senegal. In particular, successful actions have been undertaken to train doctors and health care staff within the framework of the Franco-Senegalese Campus. Also, with the civil society through a partnership with the Senegalese Association for the fight against sickle cell disease (A.S.D). These various Drep.Afrique initiatives have received support from the AFD, private donations and numerous volunteers.
Following his first meeting with President Macky Sall in June 2019, Robert Hue, President and Founder of Drep.Afrique, has requested a new audience with the President of the Republic of Senegal to give a new impetus to the fight against sickle cell disease on the African continent.

Cooperation between the civil society association Drep.Afrique and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) in the fight against Sickle Cell Disease.

Meeting between Her Excellency, Mrs Isabel Machik TSHOMBE, Ambassador to France of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), and Mr Robert HUE, Founding President of the NGO Drep.Afrique, former Senator, on Thursday 12 May 2022 in Paris.

Meeting with the Minister Elisabeth Moreno

Meeting between the NGOs Santé SUD and DREP.AFRIQUE

On Tuesday 29 June 2021 a meeting was held in Marseille at Santé Sud's headquarters between Drep.Afrique, represented by its President, Robert Hue and its Secretary General, Dr Anne-Marie Odena, and Santé Sud, represented by its Director General, Ms Pauline Nguyen.
The two civil society associations exchanged on the meaning of their field actions in favour of the fight against sickle cell disease in Africa.
They noted the complementarity of their commitment to solidarity and the prospects for cooperation between the two NGOs to reduce the burden of sickle cell disease on the African continent and particularly in French-speaking countries.

Delivery of three oxygen concentrators to the Centre de recherche et de lutte contre la drépanocytose de Bamako (CLRD)

Faced with the Coronavirus pandemic, our NGO Drep.Afrique launched last June a specific action to collect donations to provide several hospitals in sub-Saharan Africa with oxygen concentrators for sickle cell patients.

After Benin, we are pleased to announce that we have just sent three medical oxygen concentrators to Bamako in Mali. These donations were made to the Centre for Research and Control of Sickle Cell Disease in Bamako. They were handed over by Aminata DEMBELE, a volunteer in our association, in the presence of Pr Guindo (deputy director of the centre) and the centre's medical team. We would like to thank Pr Baby (director of the centre) and Pr Guindo as well as all the nursing staff of the centre for their warm welcome.

We also thank the generous donors and the company
VitalAire for their solidarity contribution

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